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She exceeded our expectations and her readings are very good!! We have been fighting with my husband for about 5 months over divorce. We had visited other places to try and solve this matter, but nothing changed. I friend suggested us to visit the psychic readings, and we were incredibly amazed with her readings. She was an honest lady. She provided everything we needed to improve our relationship. She is a professional at what she does. We strongly recommend her.

Sabastian from NY

She is really really good! When I Completed are phone session I felt my chest was lighter and I felt I was on a great path. I HIGHLY recommend her for anyone looking for a reading and wanting to start a healing process. She is honestly very reasonable/cheap in pricing, compared to the others!

Mike from Florida

She is one of the best, a psychic reading of whose I have found the most satisfying so far especially when I have used so many psychic readers for so many years. What is better here is the accurate predictions and her funny yet sensible approach of how to fix them right and make things work for me in a way I have always wanted to. I have been seeking her help for over 5-6 years and recommended to whosever is dealing with work stress or unemployment worries

Poulami G.

After a tragic event, I had been in a mental trauma. The psychic reader I visited was just phenomenal. Her readings and the way she carried out her sessions were comprehensive, detailed and honest. She was immensely compassionate and had a non-judgmental approach towards solving any kind of complex situations.

Kaswar K.

Had a psychic reading done and Sage was excellent. Would recommend if you are needing any type of guidance in your love life and the answers aren’t coming to you. am so glad I got my reading from her. Sage is so charming and super sweet! Her reading was incredibly accurate and I felt so much relief after seeing her. I feel far more relaxed and grateful for her help in getting back together with my spouse. You’re amazing Sage, thank you She is truly gifted! I will be back!

Debbie J.

Sage taught me lessons that I didn’t even know I needed to learn. She is not only just a psychic reader but a therapist, and now a friend. Thank you for your kindness, understanding & selfless love. You’re absolutely amazing & so appreciated! I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend.

Denise M.

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She is a very amazing holy woman. Her works are very pure and her readings are very accurate. Her prices are really reasonable and she won’t ever over charge you. She is very kind and will tell you the 100% truth with all of her readings. Also she gives you a very detailed explanation on what will happen and/or why the events are happening in your life. If you are looking for someone to tell you the 100% truth and who will take you very seriously, then I would recommend her.

Jane from Texas

It has been five years since we got in touch my boyfriend, and the relationships I have been for those five year have been stressful. I was always finding a soulmate and have a chance to settle down and build our life together. A few months ago, the man I really loved a lot, came back to town, and I was overwhelmed while at the same time I was stressed since I didn’t know whether he had already gotten married. But to my surprise, he wasn’t married. Since I didn’t want what happened last time to repeat itself, a friend suggested us visit Psychic Readings. She exceeded our expectations. She was very amazing and she was like, she knew everything. She was to point and didn’t leave any stone unturned. This was the best moment of your life, restoring the love we had for each other and bringing us back together. We are happy together and really appreciate all her help. We really recommend her to other couples who are really struggling in their relationship. We believe she can do wonders in your life as well!

Clara from California

She is very kind and the whole session I felt welcomed and listened to. I’ve been to psychics before, and I did not feel with them the energy and peace I did during our session. If you are feeling any relationship crisis or uneasiness in your life, PLEASE go see her. She can heal a broken heart.

Almond J.