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Love Counseling, Chakra Balancing, Psychic Intuitive Love Healer

Perhaps you feel that something is wrong. Although you aren’t physically ill, perhaps you’ve sensed that you are not well. Something is amiss and it’s robbing you of your daily energy, perhaps even your joy.

One should never hesitate to seek the counsel of a spiritual healer. Setting yourself right with spiritual cleansing is an admirable and noble pursuit and can be achieved with sustained effort and sincere conviction.

I am a seventh-generation psychic with a PhD as a Psychic Intuitive Love Healer, and I have been helping people for over 40 years. I specialize in relationships, using my power to help bring healing to those in need.


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Chakra Balancing

Knowledge is the foundation of growth. Please allow me to share my knowledge of the seven chakras with you.

Love Healing

Love's connections are spiritual and everlasting.  I can help to reconnect those whose souls are of a piece but separate.

Reiki Master

As a trained Reiki Master, I will help you to reduce stress, find relaxation, and promote healing.

What People Are Saying

She is one of the best, a psychic reading of whose I have found the most satisfying so far especially when I have used so many psychic readers for so many years. What is better here is the accurate predictions and her funny yet sensible approach of how to fix them right and make things work for me in a way I have always wanted to. I have been seeking her help for over 5-6 years and recommended to whosever is dealing with work stress or unemployment worries

Poulami G.

Sage taught me lessons that I didn’t even know I needed to learn. She is not only just a psychic reader but a therapist, and now a friend. Thank you for your kindness, understanding & selfless love. You’re absolutely amazing & so appreciated! I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend.

Denise M.

After a tragic event, I had been in a mental trauma. The psychic reader I visited was just phenomenal. Her readings and the way she carried out her sessions were comprehensive, detailed and honest. She was immensely compassionate and had a non-judgmental approach towards solving any kind of complex situations.

Kaswar K.

Had a psychic reading done and Sage was excellent. Would recommend if you are needing any type of guidance in your love life and the answers aren’t coming to you. am so glad I got my reading from her. Sage is so charming and super sweet! Her reading was incredibly accurate and I felt so much relief after seeing her. I feel far more relaxed and grateful for her help in getting back together with my spouse. You’re amazing Sage, thank you She is truly gifted! I will be back!

Debbie J.

My session was pretty long, which I appreciated. I cannot begin to tell you how accurate she was. I chose her because she said that she tells you the truth no matter what. I love that. Every single thing she said was on point and specific. Lots of specific detail. She is also very caring and insightful. The way she approaches the reading is very good for affirming things that are deep inside you that you have lost clarity on, and integrating how the past, present, and future are connected or influencing one another.

Christian N.

She is very kind and the whole session I felt welcomed and listened to. I’ve been to psychics before, and I did not feel with them the energy and peace I did during our session. If you are feeling any relationship crisis or uneasiness in your life, PLEASE go see her. She can heal a broken heart.

Almond J.


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