How do you connect to departed loved ones?

Before any readings I build up my energy and raise my ” vibrations “. It is believed that Heaven or ” The Other Side ” exist on the same level as ours and not high in the sky somewhere. Their level just vibrates at a higher rate. Pretend you are looking at a fan that is on the off setting. You can see each blade just fine. Now turn the setting to high and its as if you can see right through it like it were invisible. This is how our loved ones exist. On a level next to ours but vibrating at a higher rate so they are practically invisible. What I do is raise my energy or vibrations to a higher rate. Through meditation and visualization, I am able to raise my rate and reach a level where communication is easier between us. After that, they use their energy to manipulate my thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc… 

What should I do to prepare for a Reading?

The best thing you can do to prepare for a reading is to have an open mind. Sometimes people expect to only speak upon one matter and what they don’t realize is that I am being given information from sources who have more than just that matter as a concern. I tend to focus on the most pressing matter at first but sometimes a Spirit’s pressing matter is not your pressing matter. Another thing you can do is to have a list of specific questions regarding certain circumstances. I tend to answer most of the questions people have but from time to time I focus only on one area and then ask about any questions you may have. Most people will go blank and they forget to ask things they had planned on asking. Remember that I can only see what they show me, I’m not Wikipedia so I don’t necessarily see or know everything that is happening in your life. Write down and have your list of questions ready. 

What can I expect from a session?

As a psychic, it is my work to share anything I sense or pickup during your session. Please understand that though I can sense specifics and details, I do not know everything. When I tune in, I begin to pick up on aspects of your life like pieces of a puzzle. I will not see the whole picture and will have to make assumptions based off of my understanding of those pieces. These assumptions are my best guess for what is occurring in your life. Dates and times are not a certainty and events may play out in a different way than suggested. Details may be misinterpreted and you are ultimately responsible for how you use information shared during a session. I try to be honest and direct with what I sense albeit positive or negative. I can not guarantee that you will like what you hear or necessarily agree with it. Please try to have an open mind as things may play out in time and you may be unaware of how or why. I ask that you use your best judgement when making decisions regarding your own life and know that I can only share what I sense. I am unable to make guarantees regarding information that I have given during a session. When I begin a reading, I will tune in to certain areas and aspects and give as much detail as I can. Once I have finished my initial analysis, you will have an opportunity to ask questions. These questions will guide my psychic ability in the direction of that issue and I will then sense more detail surrounding that topic. 

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